~Spiritual thoughts on Haiti~

A natural disaster hits Haiti and the loss is mind-bloggling. The media reports facts and figures to describe the devastation, but the tragedy doesn't hit home until we see the pictures and hear the stories. Faces in agony, eyes roaming for lost loved ones. Families torn apart, a man who lost his son,a woman who can't find her husband, a child looking for a familiar face.

Long ago there was a great flood. Noah and his family knew catastrophe was coming, so they built an ark at God's command. They followed instructions and built it exactly how God said. They faced criticism, ridicule and regection yet they worked in faith and love. The downpour came and the final command from God: "Go into the ark". So Noah and his family left everything and went into the big boat. The devastation of the entire world had to be heartbreaking. But they followed God, and his grace saved them from the disaster.

When storms come in our own life, they may not be a flood or an earthquake but they may bring just as much sorrow and pain. Our decisons can save us and our family. Disaster can strike anyone at anytime. To survive requires spiritual preparation. When you build your home on the foundation of God's word, you can find safety despite the downpour outside. We have to prepare our house for the storms that are sure to come. Spending time in the bible, strengthening our relationship with God and a godly community and being faithful. When (not if), something strikes, you will have strong shelter. "Fireproof" your spiritual home. As in the movie we learn that just because it's firproof doesn't mean the fire won't come, it only means that you will be ready when it does. (Women's Devotional Bible, Genesis 6:1- 9:29,Devotional on pg. 9, New International Version)
NOTE: Did you ever see a rainbow? Did you know when you see one, it's actually a message from God. Read Genesis 9:8-17 to learn more.