Friday, September 6, 2013

Who was Jesus?

You have 3 options...1) He was a liar 2) He was just plain crazy...a lunatic. Or 3) What he was saying was true.  You decided.  To help you with your choice, Frank addressed each option and we have it on video.  For some reason, I just felt the need to throw it out there again for those that might be interested in watching it...

Monday, September 2, 2013

August beach trip, Natalia turns 4 and more!!

Long Beach Island, NJ 
Grandma & Grandpa's Beach House

Cousin Julianna pulling the wagon with us to the beach : )

Getting used to the water with daddy

My mom & Natalia
Mommy & Josiah

Lunch time

 Cousin Julianna

My dad & Josiah

Bell's cream man is here! Yum!

While on the Island we went to the Children's Theater to see "Sleeping Beauty" and got to take a picture with her above...

Waiting in line for to get into the famous ice cream shop where they put on a show 
while you eat your ice cream!

Josiah must have been so tired from the beach that he fell asleep 
right on the chairs in the ice cream shop

The servers dancing and singing (they work together with the Children's Theater next door)

My sister Danielle and my nephew Anthony (Anthony was asked to sing a funny song during the ice cream show and I have it on film but I'm having a hard time uploading video to the blog. Looks like your saved for now Ant...this video was hilarious).

On the rides!  Cousin Julianna, Natalia, Daddy & cousin Anthony. This is Natalia's 1st "big" ride...she 'just' made the height requirements.

While Josiah slept (above)...Natalia was skipping to all the rides (below). She had such a great time.

Cousin Anthony, Julianna, Natalia & Daddy
Cousin Anthony

Back in Pittsburgh...
At the park in Pittsburgh with Grandma Adry : )

We love you Grandma!!!

So sweet!!!

Grandpa Lodeserto playing with Natalia...we miss you! Come back & visit soon 
Coloring with Aunt Connie
Hugs for Grandma Lodeserto : )

Grandpa Lodeserto coming to church with us 

At Grandma & Grandpa Lodeserto's house : )

Frank and his dad playing basketball together

Playing baseball with cousin Anthony at Grandma Santoro's

My mom & dad...we miss everyone!! Can't wait to see you again soon...

Riding bikes with cousin Julianna

In our backyard in Pittsburgh....

Brother & Sister Love

Their favorite thing to do is sit at the table and play together.  
Usually the theme is Batman saving Natalia's princess or Spiderman saving Natalia's doll mommy & the baby...

Brother/ Sister sleepover

Snow White at her picnic

Small play area by our house

 Happy 4th birthday Natalia! 
June 15th 2013 in NJ
We love you so much sweetheart! I can't believe you are 4 years old!  You had such a nice time swimming in the pool at your party and you said it was the best birthday ever!
Grandma Adry has great taste in Birthday cakes!! SO beautiful!

My mom's sister, Aunt Betty & Uncle Pete

Uncle Sal & Josiah
Where's Josiah?

My brother Michael & sister-in-law Rachel

My sister and her son Anthony who recently got a baseball scholarship to Rutgers University

~Cousin Lisa's Wedding Day~
 What a very special and beautiful day it was! sweet cousin, I still remember going pumpkin picking together when we were an average age of maybe 5yrs old : ) 
Your wedding day was amazing, we are all so happy for you & Charlie...

What an amazing night! 

Downtown Pittsburgh...taking walks

Face painting at a festival in downtown Pittsburgh...
While we were in line for the face painting the band that was playing across the field asked if any kids wanted to come up on stage and sing.  Without even asking us, Natalia just started running towards the stage and jumped right up to the microphone.  She was the first one there and when they asked her what she wanted to sing she said, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and then sang it with their guitarist playing in the background and all. It was the cutest thing we ever saw.  I filmed it and I am trying to get it posted to the blog.

Natalia dancing

You're it! Just running around our town by the park.

Josiah taking naps everywhere BUT his bed....

Letter fun!

Speaking of letters...I can't believe school is starting again soon.  These pictures below are from Mother's Day during Natalia's 1st year in preschool.  They were singing songs to all the mother' was so special...

Miss Tricia (Natalia's 1st preschool teacher...thank you for everything, we will miss you!!!)

What a beautiful summer it was visiting family, going to weddings and just enjoying some downtime.  The kids have made me laugh so many times, I just wish I could capture it all.  One funny moment to remember this summer was when my mom sent the kids a DVD cartoon about the life of Jesus.  I was so excited to show it to the kids since they love to pray and enjoy learning about God but you wouldn't believe what happened...

So the cartoon about the life of Jesus starts and I have to say it was very "slow moving" and educational perhaps more appropriate for a 6yr old seeking to learn more about Jesus.  As the kids were watching it, Natalia was in LOVE with "baby" Jesus but once Jesus got older she started crying and was so sad.  She said she did NOT like Jesus and she only wanted "baby" Jesus.  Then since the cartoon was sooo slow moving, unfortunately when the "devil" came around I guess it got more exciting and so Josiah LOVED the devil!  Then when the devil left the scene Josiah started crying that he wanted it to come back! : (  So I had Natalia crying that she did NOT like Jesus and she only wanted "baby" Jesus and I had Josiah crying because he liked the devil and wanted the devil to come back.  It was so funny!! Let's just say we're going to stick to Veggie Tales and Charlie the Church Mouse for now ; )

I love you Natalia & Josiah!  I can't wait for more fun memories this year!
Next big trip...Disney world!!!