Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The beach!

At Grandma &Grandpa Santoro's Beach House in LBI

Natalia and Julianna

Just playing before headed to the beach

We sit and wait at the steps until Grandma and Aunt Danielle set up all the chairs, umbrella's and baby pool and then we make our way down.  Thank goodness for their help!!  I think I have going to the beach with the kids down to a science!!  
*Preparation = relaxation*
Mommy & my sweet boy

 Natalia & Julianna playing in the sand

Mommy & Josiah
(This was baby Josiah's 1st time on the beach)

Sleepy baby

Cousin Jackie and Dave came to visit us at the Beach house!

Jackie & Dave are so great with the kids!!  It was so nice to see them!

 Art projects are always a BIG hit!

Grandma Lou and her granddaughters

At the rides!!

Celebrating my dad's birthday 

Then we celebrated my sister's birthday 

Sal (Frank's best friend) & his wife Marlene came to visit us as well!  We had such a great time with them!
And back to the beach house!! : )

 Nothing like a nap with the breeze and the sound of the ocean

My mom & Josiah

 All of my parent's grandchildren, Anthony, Natalia, Josiah & Julianna

 My nephew Anthony building sandcastles with Natalia & Julianna

 My mom & dad with Natalia

My brother Michael & his wife Rachel

 My brother, Aunt Rachel, Natalia & Julianna

Mommy & Natalia

 Cousin Anthony & Natalia


 Uncle Michael playing games on the boardwalk with Natalia

Can you find Natalia? 

Mommy & Josiah

Long Beach Island, NJ 2012
Natalia 3yrs old, Josiah 16 months