Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day, Birthday Party Pictures & More!

Happy Mother's Day! 
Having children can be a handful some days but it is a HEART full each and every day.

"Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him" Psalm 127:3

Josiah is ONE! Natalia is THREE!!!
We love you both so very much, it is an amazing blessing to be your parents. 

Happy 3rd Birthday 'baby' Natalia, we love you!

Cousin Julianna

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Josiah Luke, we love you!
Love, Mommy & Daddy

Matching outfits for the birthday girl and boy ; )
 Cousin Nicole (front) cousin Lisa (back)
 Cousin Lisa
 Aunt 'Anna' Marie
 Grandpa Frank
 Grandma Lou, Kitty & Aunt Betty
 Grandma Adri

Aunt Connie (Frankie's God-mother) with Grandpa Frank

Cousin Theresa, although Josiah was so excited to see you, he just did not want to take any more pictures : ((
Mommy tried again, but he was done! Haha
 Cousin Janice & her mom Mary
My mom with a very good friend of our family, Kitty

Love birds!

 Go Uncle Mark, go! Playing baseball outside...
 Frank & my nephew Anthony

(Left to right) My brother's wife Rachel and cousin's Nicole & cousin Lisa
 (Left to right) Cousin Jackie, Rachel and cousins Nicole & Lisa
 (Left to right) Me, cousin's Brianna & Jackie, sister-in-law Rachel, cousin's Nicole & Lisa and cousin Janice (top)
We had such an amazing time at the birthday party. It was truely wonderful to see everyone and although we did not get a chance to open the gifts at the party, Josiah and Nataila had a blast when we did open up the gifts and we are so so very thankful for everything!! But most of all it was great to see everyone and spend time together. With such a big family and two little ones running around, I am so sad that I did not get pictures of everyone there and I did not get to talk to everyone for as long as I would have liked to but there is always next time to look forward too. Can't wait until then! Miss you and love you ALL!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for celebrating with us!

Some fun times while visitng in NJ...
Girls vs. Boys! 

Aunt Betty thank you so much for all your help with the kids while you stayed with us in NJ!!

Cousin Anthony

While in NJ, Frank's best *best* friend from childhood, Sal got married.  Frank was the best man at the wedding and he gave an such an unbelievalbe speech, I was so proud of him.  We had an amazing time at the wedding and we pray that God blesses this marriage today and always!  May your honeymoon last forever!


Frank with his mom & dad

Our very good friends, Spiro & Danielle

Befire the wedding, Frank and Sal's brother took Sal out to dinner and out to watch the NFL draft at Giant's stadium.  They had a great time!

 Here we are back in Pittsburgh strolling the kids in front of a beautiful view of the city!  Now that we are back in PA, I just wanted to tell my entire family and Frank's entire family how much we MISS them and how much fun we had while we were home, it was really great.  Thank you so much mom for all your hard work with the kids while we were there!  I know it was not easy!!!  We miss EVERYONE!!


Out to dinner on Mother's Day

Just a normal day in Pittsburgh...but such a presious time in my life.  Being able to be home with my children and take them to the library for story time.  Such a simple day, but such a great blessing.

 Natalia sitting on your little rug for story time, singing a song with everyone.  Josiah standing not too far away trying to figure out what is going on!

Natalia, you were so sweet at story time today.  You were saying hello to everyone and telling them that I was your mommy and Josiah was your baby.  You shared toys and followed directions.  I was so proud of you!

Wow, what a looonnnngggg post with a lot of pictures!  Until next time!