Saturday, April 21, 2012

Family Blessings

Josiah Luke, 13 months old

 Grandpa Frank with Josiah

 Grandma Adri' with Baby Josiah

 Josiah and Grandma Lou
 Grandpa Andy and Josiah

 Natalia and Grandpa Frank

 Hugs for Grandma Adri'

Coloring time with Grandma Adri'...

 Playing games with Grandpa Frank

"No mommy, don't clean my face..."

 I love you! Love, Mommy

 Aunt Danielle helping Natalia write her name for the 1st time!!

 Aunt Danielle and Josiah

 Cousin Anthony and Natalia


 Cousing Julianna & Nataila at the park

 Coloring with chalk on the driveway...

 I love you Josiah, Love Mommy

Playing on the Grandma's deck...

 Natalia & Maya (Maya's mommy is my friend Rachel from HS)

...and she also has a son, Ian, who is 7 month old.
It's a great playdate, both Natalia and Josiah have a friend!!

At Keansburg on the rides...


 Grandpa Andy and Natalia

Cousin Anthony's Baseball game at St. John Vianney HS
 Anthony got a HOME RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
...around the bases he ran...
 ...and after that he got a double. 

Aunt Danielle, mommy, Natalia & Josiah cheering him on

Grandpa Andy and Natalia

Happy Easter!

 Cousin Brianna, Nataila and cousin Julianna
 Sleepy Josiah and Natalia

Cousin Anthony and Josiah playing baseball

 It was a little cold outside so we did an Easter egg hunt in the basement with the kids. 
They had so much fun!
 Cousin Brianna, Natalia and Mommy
Grandma Lou and Josiah

Grandpa Andy and Natalia

 Cousing Brianna, my nephew Anthony, cousin Andrew and cousin Timmy
 Easter morning....

 Coloring Easter eggs the night before...
Roses are red, violets are blue, on Easter the "easter bunny" comes, we color eggs and the kids have fun but Lord, we know this day is really all about YOU.  I pray that through all the coloring, egg hunts and candy that your light still shines though and everyone remembers that this is the day you rose again!