Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!  
"God is Love"1 JOHN 4:16

Natalia  2yrs 8 months, Josiah 11 months

More pictures from Christmas time...
Celebrating with Grandma & Grandpa L!
Playing while out to dinner, Natalia & Josiah had so much fun!!  
(and I think Grandma & Grandpa had fun as well, hehe)

Hugs for Nana & Papa : )
"Papa, papa!"
Setting up the new train table with Grandpa L & Daddy : )
Thank you for all your hard work!!

Relaxing with Grandma & Grandpa L
We love you & miss you Nana & Papa!!
Happy Birthday Daddy!!  
(Baby Josiah was already in bed by the time we had cake so he's not in the picture.  Also, I think Frank was holding up Natalia's cupcake instead of his, I guess he was trying to be funny, haha)

Fun in the snow in our backyard!
Natalia made her first snowman with daddy!!

 Daddy & Natalia throwing snow balls at the door from outside!  Josiah thought it was so funny as he watching from the warm indoors!!

Wow, this was like 4 posts in one!  Until next time! See you soon!