Saturday, November 19, 2011

Disney World 2011~
Thank you to the Lodeserto Family for an *amazing* trip to Disney World filled with memories that will last a lifetime!!! We love you so much and we had such a wonderful time! : )
Grandma & Grandpa Lodeserto with Natalia : )
Natalia had such a fun time with Grandma & Grandpa

Mommy & Natalia with Monster's Ink characters
Mommy & Josiah
Natalia was so excited to meet Cinderella

What a *blessing* it was to be here! As I look at these pictures and see the look on Natalia's face I remember how in awe she was when she saw Cinderella. To my sweet Natalia, just know in time your prince will one day come as well. But just know honey that your ultimate prince is Christ and his love does not expire at midnight.

Dancin' in the streets
"Papa & Nana" Hooray!! as Natalia would say : )
Grandma & Grandpa L
Mommy, daddy, Natalia & a sleepy baby Josiah

Frankie & his mommy
Grandpa Lodeserto & Josiah

Meeting Tigger and more...

Sleepy baby
Mommy & Natalia
Daddy & Natalia
First plane ride with the kids...Josiah slept most of the time (which was great since it was a 7:15am flight) and Natalia enjoyed watching Little Einstiens on daddy's laptop
Until next time!

Baby's First Halloween
Trick-or-Treating at the mall with Tigger & Cinderella
By the end of the night the kids were very tired!

Halloween party at the Library

Happy Halloween 20011~ Celebrating Christ's victory over evil

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Family visits
My brother Michael and his wife Rachel
Aunt Rachel & Baby Josiah
We had a great time while they were here! It was still nice outside so we took them to the park and went on walks.

Mommy & Daddy with our little boy and little girl. I love this picture because we don't have many with all four of us in them.
Walking around our town...
Aunt Rachel & Uncle Michael with the kids
My brother and my husband with Natalia.
Side note about the above picture: Before I had children I was not sure how I felt about the child leash (like you see Natalia waring here). However, now I realize how wonderful it is because we know Natalia is safe and can't run off into the street, making our walks relaxing and not stressful. Also, it's great for me when I am by myself with her and the baby (and I can't put the baby down to run after her). I highly recommend it for anyone that has two kids under the age of 2 years old like I did when I bought it. It was a life saver!!!
Aunt Rachel, Natalia, Mommy & Josiah

Before my brother and his wife came to visit, my parents came to visit as well. It's been great to have family over!! Here are some pictures from their visit...
Grandma & Grandpa S
Hugs for Grandma S
I love this picture. Josiah looks so cute here getting his hair cut by Grandma Santoro
Grandpa S and Natalia

Learning to count the blocks...Hooray Grandpa! We did it!

While my parents were here we celebrated mine and my mom's birthdays together. Happy birthday mommy!!
Out to dinner
My mom & dad

Below is just a random picture from the play area in the mall but it was Josiah's first time playing as well so I wanted to take his picture. (Usually he is just in the stroller and I am feeding him while Natalia plays or he is just watching because there are too many big kids running around).
Natalia and mommy on the carousel at the mall.