Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Blessings
We miss being with our families during the holidays since we live so far away but we try to make the most out of each holiday we have here with each other. On Easter we went to church and Natalia's toddler room enjoyed their own little Easter hunt while we were in the church service. When we picked her up she was so proud to so me her bag of eggs that she collected, and I was so proud of her as well. After church we came home, had a nice lunch, Natalia napped and then later on that afternoon we took her to a park and Frank & I had our own little egg hunt there with her. We also took a nice relaxing stroll together as well. Here are some pictures of our own little Easter egg hunt at the park:

Speaking of strolls, the picture below was a different day at the park (and a different park all together) but it's a great picture of one of our new double strollers! When Josiah gets older it turns into a regular seat for him in the back as well. We love it so far, it's great.

Josiah Luke Lodeserto ~8 weeks old~
On a blanket made by my great- grandmother

Hanging out with big sis
A good night kiss from mommy
I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! : )
Did you know...
Sir Lionel Luckhoo was named the WORLDS most successful Lawyer. He has rigorously analyzed the historical facts of Jesus's resurrection from the dead and finally declares, "I say unequivocally that the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ is so overwhelming that it compels acceptance by proof which leaves absolutely no room for doubt."

Simon Greenleaf was one of the GREATEST legal minds America has produced. He was the famous Royall Professor of Law at Harvard University. While at Harvard, Greenleaf wrote a volume in which he concludes that the resurection of Christ is one of the BEST-supported events in history according to the laws of legal evidence administered in courts of justice.

Reference: "More than a Carpenter" by Josh D. McDowell

Friday, April 22, 2011

Brother & Sister
Natalia to Josiah: "You're stilllll here"????
When are you going home?
I guess you're here to stay????
Okay. We'll try to work something out.
You want to see my new toy?
Ok, sure. You can come for a walk too...might as well.
I can't believe Josiah is 7 weeks old already. It is truly amazing and an honor to be the mother of two beautiful children and I have lots to share but first, things have been busy busy and we have good news!!! Our house SOLD!!!! Our realtor (and good friend) Bengi said it best, "It's a God thing" and he is right. Our house has been for sale for over a year now and there are no houses on our block that have sold in over a year. Not to mention they are building new houses just like ours for the same price we were selling our house for. But our prayers were answered and a buyer came along and fell in love with our home. Since then, Frank has been to Pittsburgh to look for a place for us to live. His dad and brother-in-law all took the trip up and found a *beautiful* townhouse in a great area that seems just perfect for us. With downtown shopping and a playground park by the river within a mile away are just two of the many things we are looking forward to. We will for sure miss our friends in Greenville and will take with us a lifetime of memories. In the past 4 years Frank has finished his medical residency and I have finished a second degree in child life and had two children!! Wow. God is at work my friends and I can't wait to see what is to come! In the meantime, I have lots of pictures to share:

The picture below is one of Josiah's 1st smiles.

The first few weeks after Josiah was born Natailia couldn't have been happier. She was so excited to spend time with her grandparents and *SO* excited to see the baby. But now she is starting to get a little jealous and realizing more and more that she does not have my full attention all the time like she used to. But I am doing my best to show her as much love as I can and to include her in everything I do with the baby. She also wants to just be near me more than ever. When I used to cook, she would just play but now she wants to be by my side so I set up a spot on the floor where she can "cook" with bowls and some water right along side me and she seems to LOVE it.

She is also having fun with all of the new baby "equipment" that is in the house. She thinks they are all for her dolls and it's really cute when she plays with everything but it's been a little challenging when the baby actually uses them and not her dolls : / but I just have to be really patient and give her lots of hugs and kisses. Sure enough I set up a bouncy seat for her dolls and we also got her a doll swing so she can have her dolls swing while the baby is in his swing.

She also changes her doll's diaper sometimes when I change Josiah's diaper.
And we've even gone out to dinner a bunch of times when Josiah was first born. The couple that bought our house saw our house 4 times mostly in the evening hours during the first month of Josiah's birth! The first time was when Josiah was only 6 days old (my third day home from the hospital after a c-section). But with God's strengh and the help of a wonderful husband and mother-in-law, we were able to get the house cleaned up and out the door so our house could be shown. And sure enough it was all worth it!

One of the places we went to dinner at when our house was being shown was this steak house in our town where they play country music. Natalia always dances while she eats and wants us to dance as well. It's cute.

My mom was here the first couple of weeks after Josiah was born and I was so sad to see her leave. I have older posts of her visit and even more pictures from when she was here but I am not going to be able to post them until later because they are on my computer and for some reason my computer is not working right now (I am currently on Frank's). But I do have one last picture from before she left of her and Josiah. We had so much fun while she was here, and we miss her everyday!!

The next couple of weeks after that, Frank's parents came to visit and his mom stayed for a few weeks to help out even more which was so wonderful. It was really such a blessing to have my mom and Frank's mom here with us. They were able to spend time with Natalia and give her extra attention while I was busy with the baby. They got up early with Natalia and got her ready for the day, played and played and played some more, changed a million diapers, made lots of yummy meals, cleaned, did laundry, folded clothes, you name it they did it. It was such a blessing, it really was. I couldn't have asked for better help from both.
Natalia had such a great time...

Grandma L

Natalia loved her new basket ball...

Daddy & baby
Out to dinner

I can't believe how BIG Natalia looks in this picture. She is a great big sister and I can't wait to see them grow up together.