Tuesday, January 18, 2011

~19 Months old~
At 19 months old you are *so* sweet. You are very friendly and hand your toys to others to play with. You love to color, look at books, play with your dolls and build with blocks. You can also throw a ball really really well with great aim and you love to dance. Your favorite song to dance to is "Hey Soul Sister" by Train and you always dance to it with daddy. You can say a lot of words too! Your favorite words to say right now are, "Do it!!" It's actually pretty funny because when I went home for the holidays you started to say it all the time and my mom pointed it out but I said, no that's not what she's saying, we don't talk to her like that, no one says, "do it" to her. But then my mom noticed that whenever I'm helping you with something I always say, "Mommy will do it, mommy will do it". Then I realized that I have been saying that to you all the time ever since you were a little baby!! So now, sure enough you tell me to "do it" all the time whenever you need something. In fact, you say "do it" so much that you even said it in your sleep the other day. It's cute but others might think it sounds mean so we have to fix this, haha. You also say, mommy, dada, hi, bye, hey, ball, doggie, dollie, up, down, light, no, "ummmm" when your hungry, nanna for banana, thirsty (although it sounds more like doggie most times) cracker, cookie, cheese, open, kahkah (for socks off), mouth, eyes, and all done. You also say the number two when we count one, two three and right now we're working on saying, "please". You can identify a bunch of body parts: your mouth, eyes, ears, nose, hair, cheeks, chin, neck, shoulders, elbows, hands, knees, feet, ankles and belly which is a lot for your age!! I am so happy too because one time we went to a get together at a friends house and someone asked you were your nose was and you didn't know and I realized I had not been teaching you. So ever since then we review our body parts at least once a day. We do it in a fun way to which is how I think you learned so many at first. We sing, "If your happy and you know it touch your ears" and so on. It worked because you know them all so well now. We love you so much and you have so much love to give. The picture below is from when we were coming home from Raleigh the other day. We went to the mall while daddy was working.
When I finished this blog entry, I let you type and this is what you typed:
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Marbles Children's Museum
32 Weeks!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Merry Christmas 2010!
The week of Christmas, together with family Christmas Eve
Homemade pizza's!! Christmas Morning

Disney World!!

The day before we left for Disney we took Natalia to the park with her cousins and Frank's sister
Soon before that, Aunt Betty was here to visit...
Daddy's home : )