Thursday, September 16, 2010

A few updates & lots of pictures!

Hi everyone! Well, we have a few updates and a lot of pictures since my last post. For those of you that don't know yet, Natalia is going to be a BIG sister! We are very excited and very blessed. I am due the first week of March so Natalia and her new sister or brother will be exactly one year and nine months apart. We should find out very soon if it's a boy or a girl so we will update as soon as we know. Another exciting update is that I am now officially a Child Life Specialist! I recently finished my second degree in Child Life at East Carolina University and most recently finished my internship in mid August. I interned at the same hospital Frank works at so that was nice. I rotated through the emergency department, sedation, the general pediatric floor, the neonatal intensive care unit, the pediatric intensive care unit, radiology and day surgery. It was an amazing experience, I learned so much and feel like I really made a difference in the lives of many children. I was also able to learn a lot about myself and grow as a professional as well. As far as my job situation, since I am pregnant and we will be moving to Pittsburgh a couple months after the baby is born, I decided to just wait until we move and are settled in before I start looking to work part-time in my field. The University of Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital (just the "children's" hospital) is bigger then all of PCMH- where I did my internship so I am hoping there will be an opportunity when the time is right. I will leave that in God's hands. In the meantime, I am spending lots of quality time with Natalia and getting ready for the new baby as well. I am also studying for the Child Life Certification exam which I am taking in November. As far as ECU is concerned, I have my degree but as far as getting a job in my field I still need to be certified. Busy months coming up. Not only am I taking my exam but my brother is getting married (and Natalia is one of the flower girls) and then some time after that we're going to Disney!! I am very excited and will have lots of fun pictures to post when the time comes. I have a lot of pictures this time around too. Since my internship was full-time with some crazy hours like until 1am while I was in the emergency department, Frank's mom came to stay with us for the duration of my internship to help with Natalia. We were so thankful to have her here, she was such a big help and Natalia and her had a great time together. My mom was able to come down to help out some as well, it was just really nice for both Grandma's to spend time with Natalia. P.S. I added a new song that I heard today to my playlist at # 20. It's called, "The more I seek you" and it's talking about Jesus of course ; ) It's really amazing so I hope you can listen...
Grandma Lodeserto
Grandma & Grandpa Lodeserto

Grandma Santoro

Frank & I went home to NJ for a week back in July. Here are some pictures from our visit:

My sister Danielle and her daugther Julianna

Mommy & Natalia
Grandpa Santoro

Another party!
While we were in NJ, we had a 1st Birthday party for Natalia with our entire family. Daddy, Natalia, Mommy, Brianna, Timothy & Andrew (the triplets), sitting: Brandon, Nicholas, Julianna and Anthony. Natalia has a lot of cousins and 2nd cousins!

All the "Aunt's". My sister, Frank's sister and my brother's soon-to-be wife
All the Grandparents

Grandma's & granddaugthers have a special bond
Natalia looked so cute at her party. I had mentioned to Frank's sister that I really wanted to get a party dress for Natalia for her 1st birthday, the kind of dress that no one can mistake who the birthday girl was. So sure enough, Karen sent the cutest little skirt in the mail for Natalia to ware. It was such a nice surprise and Natalia loved waring it.

Aunt Karen, Grandma L & cousin BrandonThe skirt even looked pretty with her bathing suit.

After the pool, Natalia had fun playing with her cousins
and getting kisses from Grandma

Mommy & the birthday girl
Grandpa Lodeserto
Aunt AnnMarie, Aunt Zulma, my mom & Aunt Carol
Grandma Santoro
Uncle Anthony, Connie (Frank's god-mother) and Grandpa Lodeserto
Mommy & her sweet girl

A Day at the Beach...
While we were home, we stayed at my parents beach house in Long Beach Island, NJ

Anthony, Grandma & Grandpa Santoro
Natalia went on the rides in LBI for the first time

Pete & Aunt Betty

Natalia even played some games!

While we were home we also visited Aunt Karen and the Lodeserto's and natalia got to open up more birthday presents : ) Grandma Lodeserto, Aunt Karen and cousin Nicolas

Cousin Brandon peeking in as well ; )
Julianna & Nicholas rosting marshmellows
Grandma Santoro

The pictures below were from the begining of July when we went to an awards dinner at Frank's work. I am so proud of him. He has accomplished so much during his residency it has really been a blessing. For someone who prayed and prayed for wisdom long ago to become a doctor, God has really shined through his life and is still working in it each day. Frank was humbled to win the following awards:

Resident Teaching Award~ voted by the medical students

Outstanding Resident Award~ voted by his fellow residents and

Excellence in Hospitalist Medicine~ voted by the Attending Doctors and nurses

Here is a picture of one of his awards Natalia was so proud of her daddy as she went up to accept the awards with him.