Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Natalia!

At one years old you are such a joy. You can say mama, dada, and imitate other sounds, you sing "EI, EI" as in "EI, EI O"when you want to hear music, you love to give hugs, you can pick out your favorite books when asked (Spot, Winnie the Pooh and the animal book), you can make a monkey sound and a bunny sniffing sound, you can scribble with crayons, you love your baby doll and snoopy, you always sleep with your pink elephant, you point to your eyes, feet & hair, you give high fives, you can turn the lights on and off, when we say, "How smart is Natalia? Soooo smart" you open your arms really wide for "soooo smart", you wave hi & bye, you can get on and off your little rocking chair all by yourself, you dance to music and clap your hands and you're walking more than you crawl. You are very friendly and love to play with everyone. We love you so much Natalia you are always smiling and have so much love to share. You are also getting to spend a lot of time with both your Grandma's because mommy is doing her child life internship at the hospital (same hospital daddy works at) and it's full-time. Grandma Lodeserto is retired and offered to stay with us for the summer so mommy can do her internship. Grandma Santoro stays too for a few weeks here and there as well. It's so nice to see you hug and kiss them and spend quality time together since we live so far away. Happy 1st Birthday sweetheart. We love you. xoxoxoxo
You had so much fun opening your presents and playing with all your new toys...

Hugs for daddy...
Your bedtime is 7pm but you stayed up a little later on your birthday ; )
Here is a picture of the little rocking chair mommy & daddy got you for your birthday. One day we had lunch at Cracker Barrel and while we were waiting for a table we sat outside on the rocking chairs. It turned out they had smaller ones too and you sat in it and rocked for 20 minutes with a big smile on your face while we waited for a table. Needless to say, mommy & daddy went back to get it for you for your birthday and you loved it ever since.
Only I was so excited to give it to you that I gave it to you the day before your birthday as well. You were able to climb on it and off it by yourself within 10 minutes. You are so strong!

Grandma Santoro
You love your little pool...
Bubbles are a Child Life Specialist's BEST friend. I use them all the time in the hospital as a distraction for a child who is having a procedure and they work wonders. Pretty much everything I learned in child life I practice with Natalia and she loves it.

This picture where you are hugging daddy was from your very 1st time in the pool. Daddy put your bathing suite on backwards and in the front it looked more like a wrestling singlet than a bathing suite! Silly daddy.
You love to color...
My 1st Mother's Day


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

~Cousin Joe~

Sometimes it's not the duration of someones life but rather the donation made. We love you so much cousin Joe and will miss you dearly. We will always remember you and think of you often. Thank you for being *so special* to all of us and for always making us smile. May the Lord keep your family safe, happy, healthy and forever loved. We love you and will miss you so much.