Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting my master's degree!!

Okay, so we're moving to Pittsburgh, PA in July 2011 for Frank's fellowship in Adult & Pediatric Critical Care and I went back to school to become a child life specialist to also work in any area of pediatrics. Well, the other night I decided to search for jobs in my field just to see what's out there and good thing I did because I found out that one of the few hospitals in the country that requires a masters degree for my field is the University of Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital~ exactly where I want to work. So here's the plan: Right now I am finishing up my child life practicum, I will start my internship this summer and will be finished with the child life bachelor degree by the end of August. Then I will start my master's after that and I will be completing it online to make it easier with the baby. Hopefully I will be done in a year and a half from the time I start. This is a lot of work but I know it is going to be worth it and I am really excited. Looks like I had a plan but God's plan was bigger & better.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Frank's 2 weeks off : )

3 years ago, on the night of a romantic snow storm...
I married the man of my dreams
And here we are 3 years later, with our beautiful little girl, Natalia. We celebrated our wedding anniversary with Frank having 2 weeks off in a row! The start of our vacation was in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and the picture below was taken at Ripley's Aquarium there.

After a few days in Myrtle Beach, we headed home to NJ to see our Family. It was so great to see everyone and of course I have a lot of fun pictures to share. Starting with my mommy, Grandma Santoro...

And Frank's mommy, Grandma Lodeserto...
Cousin Nicholas & Natalia
Aunt Karen, cousin Brandon & Natalia
Frank thought this was a funny picture with Natalia sitting there : )
Grandpa L
Aunt Karen, cousins Brandon & Nicholas with Natalia
This was actually Natalia's 1st time at Grandma & Grandpa L's house since we usually met at Karen's. Here she is in her stroller, sitting at the table just hanging out with us smiling at "Uncle" Sal, Frank's best friend. ~Natalia's 1st hair cut~ Grandma & Grandpa Santoro
Cousin Anthony was hanging out too : ) I'm realizing now that all the pictures with my sister & my brother must have been with my mom's camera : ( I don't have any to post. I'll have to try and get some soon.

Aunt Carol, Aunt AnnMarie & cousin Jackie : )
So cute! Natalia got lots of hugs & kisses.

Super baby

Cousin Joe & Janice
Cousin Julianna
Mommy & her sweet girl, just resting
Grandpa L and all his grandkids
Grandma L

Mommy & baby
Cousins stick together : )
My mom

You could usually find Frank and Anthony outside playing sports : ) See everyone again soon. We miss you. xoxo