Saturday, November 28, 2009

Natalia's 1st college football game

Home of the Pirates
East Carolina University 25 Southern Mississippi 20 Natalia had so much fun
She even got to take a cozy nap snuggled next to daddy.

Of course I had to take a picture of the cheerleaders since I was a cheerleader in college. It brought back good memories. Also while we were standing there, a few "college girls" asked me if they could see my "ring". It was cute. I think I used to do the same thing back then.

While walking to our seats we noticed that some people just stood right by the fence in the end zone. The view was so great and it was easier with the baby so we just stood there. It was perfect! We had front row seats. Natalia really liked looking up at the stands and listening to the band. We left during half-time because daddy had to go to work but the timing was just right because Natalia needed a diaper change and to eat again soon.

Natalia was wearing 2 pairs of pants and a long sleeve onsie with 2 more shirts on top of it. Including a hat and mittens. With sunny skies the cool breeze was nice.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone, it's baby Natalia! I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We didn't get a chance to visit Grandma & Grandpa(s) but we still enjoyed a nice relaxing day together. Mommy cooked a whole Thanksgiving dinner but I only got some baby food. (It was good though). Mommy & Daddy said they were *very* thankful for our families and for me!!
I had fun playing with my toys and it was pretty warm & sunny so it was a beautiful day!

And got to spend lots of time with daddy.
Here is mommy & I at the table with all the food I can't eat yet.

After dinner we took a nice walk and watched the sun go down. Mommy & daddy were talking and spending quality time together and I was just listening to their voices because I love them so much. Daddy was saying funny things and making me laugh. He even started dancing with me in the sling. It was funny.
But then I got tired and decided to go to sleep & mommy and daddy enjoyed a blockbuster movie together.
A few days before Thanksgiving we went over mommy & daddy's friends house and had a whole Thanksgiving dinner with friends.
Here is Jorden. She is mommy's friends daugther. They are going to be babysitting me at my house when mommy starts her Child Life practicum in January. I am very happy because they always play with me and hold me.
Here is Elizabeth. She is the one that just got married and daddy was their DJ.
Here is my daddy. He is the best daddy in the whole world because he is mine. I made a new friend at the party, his name is Josh.
He asked me if he could see my ribbon because he never saw one before and I said, "Sure" Josh's bib said, "Let's do lunch, it's on me". I thought that was so funny but I don't think he got it.

Josh was so strong...his daddy held him up on one hand and balanced him!!!! We couldn't believe it! Mommy looked at my daddy and said, "You are not trying this with Natalia!"
Mommy thought this was crazy but Josh seemed to really like it.
Daddy knew mommy wouldn't let him do the same with me so he made some modifications.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I love you!! Love always,
~Baby Natalia~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sitting up and other fun things...

Natalia was sitting up by herself for the first time last week. I can't even believe it because she is only 4 1/2 months in these pictures. She just loves playing in this position now. It's funny though when she reaches for a toy that is far away she just falls on her side very slowly and gracefully every time.

It was so great to have my mom here last week. She had so much fun playing with Natalia...
As you can see in the pictures below Natalia has a sippy cup in her hands. Here's the thing...since I have been nursing her and she has only had a bottle once or twice since she has been born, she now will not take a bottle. The entire week my mom was here we tried everything, and I mean everything. I even tried the "Child Life" philosophy and put a bottle out with the rest of her toys so that she could just explore it herself, play with it, put it in her mouth on her own and just get used to it during a time that she was not hungry & stressed so that when she was hungry she would already be familiar with it. And I have to say she did take 5 ounces the next day!! Only, she has not taken any more since then. During our bottle adventures, we also tried a sippy cup since this particular one was a "Nuk" and said it was good for 4 month olds (which may be the first of it's kind because all the other sippy cups are for at least 6 months and up). Needless to say she didn't drink from it but I did take some pictures to remember the moment ; )
While my mom was here we also went to Willmington, NC. It was a far drive, we got lost on the way home but I am so glad we went because we had a great time.
It was fun palm trees in November!!

Just walking on the streets downtown we found cute little Christmas decorations set up...the mail box opened and closed and Natalia had fun watching that.

At the end of the night we enjoyed a nice dinner outside over looking the water.
While my mom was here I actually went out for one of the first times by myself without Natalia. I missed her so much but knew she was in good hands. I went to my friends baby shower at an Italian restaurant here and we just enjoyed a great dinner, cake and watched her open cute little gifts. Here is a picture of Julie (in the middle) and also my friend Janice who is pregnant as well. Julie's husband works at the hospital with Frank and she goes to my church. I know Janice from church as well and she used to be in my small group. I am so excited for these ladies and can't wait to meet their little ones very soon. They are both having girls.
Well my mom went back to NJ and Natalia & I miss her very much. Frank and his Dad came back from San Diego, they had a great time together and he of course got to present his medical research at the conference there. I was so proud of him. Natalia was too and she was so happy to see him when he came home as was I. She was also very excited to see her Grandpa as well!! : ) We can't wait to see family again soon. I think Grandma Lodeserto is making plans to come down soon!! : )
Also, I got to babysit Ethan again this are some pictures of Natalia & Ethan playing. Even though they are both so young (he is one month older than her) they really seem to enjoy playing together!!