Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My first birthday as a mommy

Well I am one year older as of the 29th. Wow, now that I have given birth, birthdays have a whole new meaning! The day started with Frank making me breakfast and then he had to go to work. For my birthday, Natalia wanted to take some cute pictures (this wasn't my idea at all). Then mid day, Frank came home early and surprised me with the afternoon off! We decided to go to Raleigh, walk around and then out to dinner. What a great 1st birthday as a mommy. Natalia even got me a card although the handwriting looked a lot like daddy's.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Good to be back...

Although Natalia and I had a *great* time in NJ with family and friends, it's of course wonderful to be back in Greenville...we missed daddy very much. Frank was thrilled to see his girls (as he calls us) and we came home to a clean house and a dozen roses. So sweet! Here are some recent pictures to enjoy. The first are of Natalia & daddy wathing Michigan football : )

Last weekend we went to get wings and watch the game. We figured we would go for as long as Natalia was okay. It turned out she *loved* watching Michigan football! (Or maybe just the big screen TV). Either way, it was very cute. And her and daddy seem to be making the same faces...

Just last night we went to watch Frank play football! Since his residency is afiliated with East Carolina University~he is actually considered faculty there so he's able to play on one of the intramural teams there with a bunch of his friends from work.

Here is Natalia just hanging out at home with mommy...

But the fun really begins when daddy gets home from work.
Here is a picture of Natalia with my younger brother Michael from when we were in NJ that I had forgotten to post

Monday, September 14, 2009

~Anthony & Julianna's Birthday Party~

My neice Julianna helping to decorate her birthday cake : )
My sister's best friend from childhood's daughther playing with her own daughter : )
Mommy & her sweet girl

My sister's best friend from childhood Amy
Amy's newest addition Keira only 3 days older than Natalia!!

My friend from highschool, Melissa : )

My cousin Brianna (she is one of triplets) Aunt AnnMarie & Aunt Carol
My sister Danielle xoxo
Uncle Michael & Aunt AnnMarie
My dad, cousing Joe & Uncle Mike
Our babies napping at the party.. Later we decided to take some pictures of the two of them together. It was evening time but I still had Natalia in her dress so everyone said she looked like she was going to the "after party" haha!
Kiss from big brother
They were even holding hands!!
Cake time! We sang happy birthday to Julianna than to Anthony : )
Cousin Janice and her mom Mary My parents with all their grandkids ; )

By the end of the night Natalia was very tired...
So much so that she slept through the night until about 7am for the first time