Saturday, October 21, 2017

So blessed

Thea's first days home

Yes that is correct, 10 pounds 14oz! Thea was my biggest baby.  Natalia was over 9 pounds (natural birth)  and she was 7 days early.  Josiah was about 10 pounds 3oz (scheduled c-section one week early since he was so big and I didn't want to tear again). But after having a c-section I realized natural birth was so much easier as far as the recovery even with a tear! For me at least, some may say different. So with Thea I decided to try natural birth again. Since Thea was 9 days late I knew she would likely be over 10 pounds.  As you have probably figured out by now she was a VBAC, vaginal birth after a c-section.  I was nervous but it went really really well! She was my easiest birth.  I knew to not tense up during contractions because that only adds hours to your labor since when you are tense your body can not "open up" and let the baby down. So I knew I needed to stay as relaxed as possible to help the contractions get her down! You have to think of it this way that contractions are your friend, they help push the baby out.  Easier to say when you are not in labor though!! Haha It was nice too we have a team of people helping since it was a University Hospital with residents and fellows. I had an entire cheering section for her birth.  I knew prior to I had decided not to breastfeed and Thea was the only baby I did not breast feed.  With Natalia I did for 11 months and stopped to get pregnant again and then I breastfed Josiah for 6 months.  But when Josiah was born Natalia was only 21 months old so it was hard for me to breastfeed while Natalia was running around the house or while at the library story time and all.  So I stopped at 6 months for Josiah. But for Thea I wanted to try something new. By the time Thea was born Natalia and Josiah were older and busy with after school activities.  I knew it would be challenging for me to breastfeed while at gymnastics practice and swimming lessons and all we were doing so I decided not to.  It was still such a beautiful experience. It was less pressure on my part so helped me to be less stressed and I was able to relax and enjoy her more I think and it was nice to not have to worry about finding a place to "hide" while I fed the baby. Although you don't really have to hide I wasn't too comfortable lifting my shirt in public to nurse. I am glad though I had both experiences!!  It's nice to try it at least once but it really is a personal decision that is ultimately up to the mommy and love comes from mommy's heart, not from breastmilk. : )  With breastfeeding there is a "window" of opportunity where the baby will take a bottle and I missed that with Natalia.  So all she wanted was "me" and not a bottle so it became exhausting.  It was bitter sweet though because as nice as the bond is, it is also really needed to get a "brake" and have someone else help to feed the baby.  I was able to have that with Thea and everyone enjoyed feeding her, grandparents and all. She even held the bottle herself very early on and we have it on film. Daddy was being funny as he always was making us laugh.

 My mommy Grandma Lourdes

Daddy's mommy Grandma Ardianna 

 Mommy and Thea

 Grandpa Frank 

Your big sister was the first to tell you about God

Mommy's daddy Grandpa Andrew

My mommy helped with your first bath

When Thea was born I realized I never finished Natalia and Josiah's baby books so I started to work on those again as well.

Introducing Theadora Loretta Lodeserto

Theadora  Loretta Lodeserto was born on Mother's Day May 8th, 2016!  We were so excited it was the perfect Mother's Day gift.  Thea is now 17 months old and I am just now realizing I have not posted on my blog in a really long time.  I first started this blog when we moved to NC so our family in NJ could see pictures of the kids while we were so far away.  I kept it while we were in pittsburgh as well (when Frank did his medical fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh).  But since then we all have gotten iPhones and I can instantly send pictures through my phone to my family in group messages so the blog has not been as needed as if was before.  But then I felt like I should add our new addition (Thea) to the blog since it would be nice to have it all documented in here as well.  I am not sure if anyone is out there reading this anymore but at least I know it is here and will be here forever (hopefully).  Thea we love you so much you are so beautiful and amazing and your big sister and brother are so happy you are here!! I'll post her birth announcement as well...